The Pullman National Monument Preservation Society's position is that The Pullman Artspace Lofts as proposed will destroy an important archaeological site, diminish Pullman's historic character, and deviate radically from Beman and Barrett’s seminal design principles that characterize “America’s first planned industrial community,” the Town of Pullman (1880-1907). Consultation during the Section 106 process will identify these and other potential "adverse effects" and seek ways to "resolve" them. We've provided details about the project's design below for you to review and to make your own determination.



March 18, 2016 - Pullman Artspace Elevation Drawings

This set of elevation drawings of the proposed Pullman Artspace Lofts were submitted on March 18, 2016. Modifications to aspects of these designs have been made since that time. We have chosen to post them because they are in color, high resolution, and provide a sufficient approximation of the project's specifications.

The Department of Fleet and Facility Management has stated that you can view the most current project plans at their office: 30 N. LaSalle St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL  60602 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

August 4, 2017 - Pullman Artspace Revised Design

The developer submitted this "Administrative Relief request" to the City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development on August 4, 2o17. These changes were approved by Patricia A. Scudiero, Zoning Administrator on August 7, 2017.

These are fairly significant design changes of which the community should be aware.

  • The project elevations originally depicted an "arbor" between the proposed new construction and the south "block house," Tenement "C." This arbor has been eliminated.
  • Handicapped accessible ramps and handrails in the yards to both the north and south of the building have been eliminated.
  • The porches on the new construction will be made of wood and match the porches on the two historic buildings, previously they were to be made of precast concrete and brick. (NOTE: These block houses never had elaborate, scrollwork on the porches historically).
  • The rear facade facing 111th St. originally featured "brick veneer and metal bay window cladding." Instead, these changes call for "cement board panels and lap siding." This is apparently a cost-saving measure.
  • The "cartoon" of the building on the project's "coming soon" and published elsewhere depicted a "low ornamental fence" in the yard west of the proposed new construction. This has been eliminated.
  • The design originally called for exterior, three-story rear stairs on the two historic block houses. These rear stairs would be the egress in case of fire. These have been eliminated and replaced with a one-story wood porch, "The existing internal stairs can serve as the required means of egress for the second and third floor units."

Artspace Projects, Inc.

Artspace Projects, Inc. is the lead developer behind the proposed Pullman Artspace Lofts. As such, they have posted materials on their website that may be of use to you as you learn more about this project.

What you won't find on their website is a "preliminary feasibility report" for the Pullman Artspace Lofts: they didn't do one. These reports evaluate a variety of potential locations for the proposed project (for an example, see page 12 of this report). Since there are Artspaces everywhere but only one Town of Pullman, we think greater care should have been exercised when choosing a location for this project given that it effects the irreplaceable historic resources of a National Monument.

Artspace joined with two other organizations, Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives (CNI) and PullmanArts, to form Pullman Artspace, LLC.  The ownership stake in the project is divided this way: Artspace Projects, Inc. (50%), CNI (45%), PullmanArts (5%).


July 19, 2016 - CHA Housing Assistance Payment Contract

In their November 7, 2017, "Update," the developer discussed the HUD financing it is receiving that is being administered by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA). They state, "To ensure affordability to a broad spectrum of artists and their families, including veterans and those with disabilities, the Pullman Artspace Lofts applied for and received approval for rental assistance for six of the 38 live/work spaces."

Page 3 of the attached document indicates that the Pullman Artspace Lofts is to receive $642,900 in funding from HUD's "Housing Choice Voucher" from a 15-year Housing Assistance Payment contract. According to the November 9, 2017, letter from 2FM, "The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) proposes to provide supplemental financing for the development through the use of a 30-year, federally funded project  rental housing assistance program contract for six units."

June 16, 2017 - PAL Multifamily Financing Summary

Multifamily Financing Project Summary for the Pullman Artspace Lofts presented to the Board of Directors of the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA). It is the most recent description of the project's financing that has been released by the IHDA.