Three Alternative Visions

In February 2017, the National Park Service published its Environmental Assessment (EA) that discusses the Pullman Factory Site Conceptual Design.

A key issue this document addresses is what approach should be taken when restoring the grounds surrounding Pullman's iconic Factory Administration Clock Tower. The Pullman National Monument Preservation Society advocates for authentic restoration of this cultural landscape to the George Pullman period (1880-1897). That is, when documentary and physical evidence of landscape design features exist, we encourage the NPS to take whatever measures are necessary to restore these features of Pullman's historic designed landscape as conceived by N.F. Barrett and S.S. Beman. Such an approach is essential to enhance the monument's historic integrity, which is a well-established characteristic that attracts visitors to the monument.

From the Executive Summary of the Environmental Assessment: The National Park Service (NPS) has developed a range of alternative conceptual designs for improvements, rehabilitation, and use of the Pullman Factory site (Pullman or site), a component of the Pullman State Historic Park within Pullman National Monument. These proposed actions focus on preserving the historic Pullman Factory site by creating a common vision and understanding of the options available, and of the contributing roles of state, federal and private partners in moving these options forward.

"We are generally pleased with the quality of this Environmental Assessment (“EA”). Unlike the draft Foundation Document that was issued in June 2016, which we felt contained a number of substantive issues, this document exhibits an increased level of rigor and attention to detail."

Mark Cassello, PNMPS

The Pullman National Monument Preservation Society submitted our comments on the Factory Site Conceptual Design Environmental Assessment on March 6, 2017 via the Planning Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) system. Of the three proposed alternatives, we support Alternative 2, which seeks to restore the factory site to the "George Pullman" period (1880-1897). This is also the NPS's preferred alternative.

Our comments also provide feedback to improve phrasing and clarity of the language in the EA as it relates to the legal protections governing the monument.

Read our complete comments here.